Another successful sale and smooth transaction. Rick Witting listed this town home 29 days ago and after a successful marketing campaign, we had it under contract in 18 days. Rick is an avid mountaineer and climber. This is a pic from his recent travels to the Himalayas. Thank you Rick for being a great client to work with!

Rick has this to say about his experience with Jays' Home Sale Program

"As Trustee for the property that was sold, I needed to be certain that every detail was executed in a timely and accurate manner. Jay assisted me in the preparations necessary to get the property on the market with the best possible presentation. He worked to accommodate my busy schedule. Jay also made sure I had the closing documents to review in advance to save us all time and eliminate any surprises. Even though the buyer expedited the closing, everything went off without a hitch."

9731.jpgClosing CheckRick Witting on Kala Patthar